The existing Ipswich City Council Administration Building in South Street.
The existing Ipswich City Council Administration Building in South Street. Claudia Baxter

'It's a prime site': Council in talks to sell building

NEGOTIATIONS are already under way between Ipswich City Council and a potential buyer to sell the council administration building and the precinct where it is located.

A new nine-storey tower on the corner of Nicholas St and Union Place will house all council departments by the end of 2019, so the Ipswich council will be selling its current headquarters.

A development application has already been lodged by epc.Pacific to build the new council building in the heart of the upcoming redeveloped CBD.

Acting Mayor Paul Tully said there was already movement on the sale of the current Roderick St administration building.

"We have had preliminary discussions with a potential buyer and eventually we will go to the market to sell the precinct," Cr Tully told the QT.

"The timing is important because (a buyer) wouldn't have vacant possession until the end of 2019 which is over two years away.

"But it is a key site in the CBD and it would be an opportunity for redevelopment.

"It is flood free, a two minute walk to the centre of the CBD and in a prime position across the road from the Metro International Hotel."


CITY HEART: The council has declined to say how much it has budgeted for a new media strategist to promote the CBD. Pictured: The new Ipswich City Council administration building and how it will likely look when built.
An artist's impression of the new Ipswich City Council administration building.

The new council headquarters will also be highly energy efficient with five star ratings.

"This current building was erected in 1985 and from an energy point of view it has become quite inefficient," Cr Tully said of the Roderick St headquarters.

"The energy systems in those days for air-conditioning and lighting were quite different from how efficient they are now.

"It will need a substantial commitment by a developer, or maybe for redevelopment of the entire precinct right through from the administration building to the library on East St."

Cr Tully said negotiations on the sale could continue for another year or more.