Riaz Ahmed, president of the Islamic Society of Central Queensland sent a statement to The Morning Bulletin about a rally which will be held this weekend. 

The Reclaim Australia Rally is planned to be held at Rockhampton's Central Park.   

Organisers said the rally would be "peaceful" and was open to "all Australians".   

A website for the national event said its aims included stopping enforcement of Sharia law, ban Halal certification, encourage pride in the Australian flag and anthem at school, ban the teaching of Islam in public schools and ban the burqa and head coverings. 

Reclaim Australia Rally in Rocky example of 'new racism' 

Mr Ahmed sent the following statement:   

"We believe in and respect the right of every Australian to demonstrate peacefully regardless of their views," he said. 

"The claims made by organisers of Restore Australia about Islam and Australian Muslims are not based on facts but on misinformation.
"Overwhelming majority of Muslims abide by and respect the constitution and the laws of our country.

"Muslims have been part of this great country for a long period of time with at least three mosques being over 105 years old.

"Islam is over 1400 years old and has 1.5 billion followers across the world while terrorism in the name of Islam is few decades old.

"It is also important to note that overwhelming majority of the victims of terrorism are Muslims and the considerable amount of Muslim nations and people are fighting against extremism across the world.

"While there have been some instances of extremism with young Aussie Muslims participating in foreign conflicts, these numbers are still very small compared to over 500,000 Muslims who live in Australia.

"We urge any concerned person of our community who may have fear of Islam or Muslims to communicate with us directly and speak to us about their concerns."