Disabled toilet sign at Mallanganee.
Disabled toilet sign at Mallanganee. Susanna Freymark

Is this the worst public toilet in Australia?

TWO years ago Peter and Helen Hall were travelling from Brisbane back to their home in Bonalbo.

Ms Hall has a neurological condition and is wheelchair bound. They stopped at Pioneer Park in Old Bonalbo to use the disabled toilet.

The toilet on the Clarence Way was marked as disabled on the National Public Toilet map and there was a disabled sign outside the toilet.

"The pedestal was off the ground and there was a step," Mr Hall said.

Ms Hall was unable to access the toilet.

The Halls check the Australian Disabled Toilet register when travelling and the Old Bonalbo toilet is on the list.

"The Nullarbor is catered for better than here," Mr Hall said.

He spoke to his local councillor and took Kyogle Council to a tribunal and a formal apology was sent to Ms Hall.

For Mr Hall, the issue now is that nothing has been done except the disabled sign was removed from the Old Bonalbo toilet.

He was disgusted by the nearby disabled toilet at Mallanganee.

"You can't even get into this toilet," he said.


Disabled toilet at Mallanganee, NSW
Disabled toilet at Mallanganee, NSW Susanna Freymark

A Kyogle Council spokesman said both the Old Bonalbo and Mallanganee toilet facilities were constructed before the current standards for accessibility and the associated legislation were developed.

"They are aging structures that provide a basic level of service, and Council has identified them as a priority for replacement," the spokesman said.

"Both toilets are expected to be completed before December 2020."

Kyogle Council has funding from the state government through the Stronger Country Communities Fund to replace the toilet at Pioneer Park Old Bonalbo, and the public toilet in the village of Mallanganee, and both new toilets will comply with the requirements for disability access.

Council has agreements with the Progress Associations in Old Bonalbo and Mallanganee for the upkeep of these facilities.


The wrecked disabled toilet is at Memorial Park at Mallanganee, NSW
The wrecked disabled toilet is at Memorial Park at Mallanganee, NSW Susanna Freymark