I still can't figure out what people get out of abusing children on social media.
I still can't figure out what people get out of abusing children on social media. MachineHeadz

Is there any lifeform lower than a troll?

THE highs and lows of society were easy to find in yesterday's news. Let's start with the student climate strike.

I do question the practicality of some of their goals, the role of ideology in the debate.

But I wholeheartedly support their willingness to stand up and speak.

More power to them.

Had I a child who wanted to be there, there'd be no argument.


Ava, Dove, Charlotte, Arjah (front) with Kairo, Chris and Maggie (back) from Lismore gathered at Spinks Park for the nationwide School Strike for Climate Action.
Students gather to strike over climate change. Sophie Moeller

Then I'd have a chat with them later. And who knows? Maybe I'd learn I'm wrong.

But it seems very few people want to have a "chat".

I'm not quite sure what people get from verbally abusing, trolling and harassing children online.

Surely that time could be put to better use by learning an instrument, or reading.

Hell, even cow-tipping would be more productive.


Lilli Moore joins students in protest for action on climate change for the national School Strike for Climate, Friday, March 15, 2019.
Had I a child, he'd be welcome here. Kevin Farmer

Clearly I'm missing something here. It could be because I have a life.

Then we move to on to the despicable and inhumane events in Christchurch.

If you want to weep for humanity check out the comments on social media.

Yes - there are extremely complex issues at play here: gun control, immigration, religious freedom, security.

So you can guarantee none of this nuance was to be found on social media where the trend was to score political points off dead people.

And if there's a lower species than that, I'm yet to meet it.