GROWING TOWN: You want these businesses to come to Plainland, so we asked them if they would.
GROWING TOWN: You want these businesses to come to Plainland, so we asked them if they would.

Is Kmart and Big W coming to Plainland?

AS THE Lockyer Valley’s hottest town centre quickly runs out of retail space, the Gatton Star asked readers to weigh in on what businesses should open shop at the Plainland Crossing precinct.

Responses included everything from a cinema to a water park and a post office to a Big W.

Overwhelmingly, readers wanted Kmart to open a store, followed by a Big W, a post office, a Best and Less and a Supercheap Auto.

We put the question to the businesses to see what they had to say.


The word on everyone’s lips for what Plainland is missing is Australian retail chain, Kmart.

At present there are 228 stores open throughout the country but, unfortunately, there are no plans to open a store at Plainland.

A Kmart spokeswoman said the chain would advise the community with a formal announcement if plans were to change.

Kmart declined to comment on whether or not it would consider opening a store anywhere in the Lockyer Valley or Somerset regions.

Australia Post

As the nearest licensed post office is in Laidley, anyone wanting to pay a bill or run an errand has a 10-minute drive ahead of them. A Community Postal Agents service is based at Plainland Crossing at Shop 6, 3 Gerhrke Rd, Plainland. CPAs offer basic postal services, such as stocking stamps and accepting over-the-counter mail collection and delivery, but don’t offer agency services like bill payment or banking.

A spokesman for Australia Post said the CPA was serving the Plainland community.

“A number of factors are considered when determining whether new postal services are required in an area, including the location and viability of existing outlets in the vicinity, population, demographics and the likely volume of business,” the spokesman said.

The Gatton Star also contacted Big W, Best and Less and Supercheap Auto for comment but did not receive a response.