Do you think crocs are swimming amongst us in the Gympie region?
Do you think crocs are swimming amongst us in the Gympie region? Contributed

Is it all a load of croc, or are they lurking in Gympie?

A REPORTED crocodile sighting at Inskip Point, following further recent reports at Big Tuan and Snapper Creek at Tin Can Bay, had Gympie region chins wagging on social media.

Environment and Science Department wildlife officers were confirmed to be monitoring the waters around Bullock Point on the Inskip Peninsula after a report of an estuarine (saltwater) crocodile in the vicinity on August 4.


- Officers monitor Inskip after croc sighting

- ABSOLUTE CROC: Mary River search finds nothing in Gympie

Harold the crocodile at Cafe D'aguilar.
Harold the crocodile at Cafe D'aguilar. Graham Ramsay

That sighting followed several other reports earlier this year in the Big Tuan Creek north of Gympie, and at Snapper Creek, at Tin Can Bay in January, as well as the Mary River in Gympie in February.

Plenty of readers are convinced crocs are about, but they are opposed by skeptics in strong numbers:

Rhiannon Jeans: I've heard of sightings near The Sands, and a fisherman told me they are all thru (sic) Tin Can creeks, plus one sighted near Fraser. Why is it so hard to believe? They're known to be at Maryborough. South of Boyne River they're just not expected so are relocated. Anything could wash down in the floods and make their home.

Mel McDonald: Even if you didn't snap the croc, there would be croc tracks at the water's edge. I've been living on the river five years and never seen a croc track in the sand. I'm sure if they were about people would have images of their tracks.

Gerry A Crase: Been there for years.

Trish James: There are plenty of wild pigs up in the creeks from the north to TCB, great food source for those crocs .... just saying.

Jake McGowan: Shocking that a croc has been sighted in its natural environment. Please spread awareness next time a snake is seen crossing a road.

Ron Hall: Everyone has a phone camera these days, yet ... no photo... again.

Gerry A Crase: Not every one of us walks around with phone in hand. And crocs can vanish underwater in a blink of an eye.