The abandoned Ipswich Transit Centre in the CBD will be demolished before the site is put up for sale later in the year.
The abandoned Ipswich Transit Centre in the CBD will be demolished before the site is put up for sale later in the year.

Ipswich’s worst eyesore finally on death row

THE state government will demolish the dilapidated Ipswich Transit Centre before the abandoned site is put up for sale.

The five parcels of land which make up the CBD site were listed as surplus on the Government Land Register in the middle of March by the Department of Transport and Main Roads to allow other government agencies the chance to snap it up.

The department did not receive any expressions of interest to acquire the land so it was decided to put it on the open market later in the year.

Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard.
Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard.

Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard said the facility will now be demolished and the land reconfigured but the bridge at the back of the site, which supports the Mansfield Place ramp, would remain.

Demolition works are expected to be finished by the end of June.

It is understood demolishing the facility was ruled out in prior discussions due to the huge cost involved but that was before the decision was made to put it back on the market.

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The department said previously that “existing site constraints, topography, easements, existing built form, adjacent roads, site access, proximity to David Trumpy Bridge and the site being traversed by Mansfield Place”, limited viable redevelopment options.

It has sat abandoned since being inundated in the 2011 floods but is located in a prime spot in the city centre. 

“I know the community has been keen for something to be done with the site and I’m excited to see what will now become of it,” Ms Howard said.

“TMR has carefully evaluated the site considerations and property constraints.

“The best possible option is to demolish the old building facade and reconfigure the land into one freehold lot that will go to the open market for sale later this year.

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“This structure is owned by the government and remedial works will be undertaken later this year on the bridge.

“There will be some road impacts while we undertake the works.

“We thank motorists and the local community for their patience during this time.”

The department has been contacted for comment about the total cost of demolition works.

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