Ipswich's Labor MPs are worried, here's how you can tell

IPSWICH has hosted a staggering six state ministers since the region delivered Labor a federal election drubbing six weeks ago.

In the past two weeks, three ministers have jetted into town.

Last Wednesday it was Education Minister Grace Grace, while Monday heralded the arrival of Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch and yesterday morning Employment and Small Business Minister Shannon Fentiman dropped by for breakfast.

Earlier we were graced with the presence of the deputy premier, roads minister and local government minister.

You could count on one hand the number of times a state minister had visited Ipswich prior to the significant swing against Labor in May.


MPs Jim Madden, Leanne Enoch and Jennifer Howard help ring the bell at Fire Station 101 on Thursday.
Ipswich MPs Jim Madden (left) and Jennifer Howard (right) with Leeanne Enoch. Rob Williams

The May federal result, although caused by many factors, proves Labor can no longer consider Ipswich safe territory.

Its state members of parliament are concerned.

They have been put on notice.

Ministerial visits are great for getting an understanding of a city and its needs, but they must go beyond photo opportunities and stakeholder meetings.

Ministers should come to the region with a cheque book.

T-minus 16 months until the state election.