Ipswich temps dip 3C below average

STARTING to feel chilly in the mornings? Well it has been colder than usual.

Ipswich is starting to cool down as winter approaches.

The overnight temperature isn't a record breaker, but is below the average minimum temperature for April.

This morning dropped to 11.4C just after 5am.

That's 3.3C below the mean minimum temperature recorded by the Ipswich weather station between 1913 and 1994.

Records from the Amberley weather station, in use since 1941 and now the closest station to Ipswich still in action, show while it might be chillier than usual Ipswich has seen colder Aprils.

In 2008, Amberley station recorded its lowest ever April temperate of just 1C.

Residents shouldn't expect anything as cold as that in the coming week with minimum temperatures expected to lift back up to about 14C.

While mornings might be a bit fresh, the days are still warm.

Today is expected to reach a top of 27C with day time temperatures expected to stay warm, up to 29C on Thursday, before dropping back a little this weekend.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology's long-range forecast, Ipswich should expect an average temperature of between 18C and 21C between May and July.

The forecast

Today: Top of 27C

Tomorrow: 13C min, 27C max

Wednesday: 14C min, 28C max

Thursday: 14C min, 29C max

Friday: 15C min, 26C max