Coronavirus: Two Ipswich private schools isolate students

UPDATE: EIGHTEEN students have been isolated in Ipswich Girls' Grammar School's boarding house.

The boarding students will not attend classes and meals are being provided to them in the boarding house.

A spokeswoman said the school's registered nurse has been monitoring students who have returned to school from China and none have exhibited Coronavirus symptoms.

"Isolation is being viewed as a precautionary measure," she said.

"Most boarding students are remaining at school.  Boarding students who have friends and family outside school may stay with them until the 14-day period expires."

Six day students are also self-isolating.

"The school is also very conscious about students' mental health and wellbeing,' the spokeswoman said.

"After consultation with West Moreton Public Health, isolated students are permitted to go outside the boarding house but within its boundaries at certain times during the day when other students are not present.  

"The school has a registered nurse onsite throughout the day at the school's health centre, and will be making visits over the weekend. The school has a psychologist on staff as well as a strong pastoral care team that is in regular contact, multiple times each day, with isolated students."

Boarding students will be able to stream their lessons.

EARLIER: AN Ipswich private school has moved some of its international students into isolation as a Coronavirus precaution.

Ipswich Grammar School advised late last night that boarders from China or Hong Kong will either be isolated on-site or be sent to stay with family.

In a statement sent out at 10pm Wednesday night, the school said all international students that had recently returned from China have been examined by a doctor and received a medical clearance.

None of the students are exhibiting any symptoms of ill health.

"Some of these boys have relatives in Brisbane or the surrounding area and will stay with them until the clearance period is over," the statement notes.

"The remaining boys will be isolated on site and will not attend regular lessons or mealtimes with other boarders but will be under the supervision of our staff to ensure their wellbeing."

The Queensland Department of Health has advised any student returning from China or Hong Kong cannot attend school for 14 days after their return.



Some of the school's international students have been back in Australia for more than 14 days or did not leave the country during their holidays and will remain in class.

"We are in contact with Department of Education, Independent Schools Queensland and Queensland Health and will continue to monitor the situation. The health and wellbeing of all our boys is at the heart of what we do every day," the statement noted.

"The advice from Department of Health also pertains to day boys who may have holidayed in China over the break.

"If this applies to your family and you have been back in the country for less than 14 days, please follow the instructions set out by Queensland Health to self-isolate and notify us immediately."