Sizzler in Ipswich is still open.
Sizzler in Ipswich is still open. Mike Knott BUN090117SIZZLER1

'Cheese toast or tacos?' Sizzler don't wanna taco 'bout it

SIZZLER doesn't wanna taco 'bout it.

Hopes and prayers for the Ipswich Sizzler restaurant to follow the same suit as the Annerley site in Brisbane and be transformed into American taco giants Taco Bell have gone unanswered.

Australian company Collins Foods Limited is in charge of the national smorgasbord favourite but they were unable to confirm if the Mexican themed-facelift planned for Annerley was going to take over other Sizzler restaurants.

It's the overseas' companies third crack at the Australian fast food market since the 1980s.

Taco Bell is popular in America for its cheap and cheerful tacos, burritos and other Mexican foods starting from USD$1.29.

Equally popular in Ipswich, the city's own Sizzler store survived a round of nation-wide closures in April when the company started closing stores following three decades of salad bar success.

Munchie lovers shouldn't panic however as the city already has a fresh taste of American fast food as Carl's Jnr Burger announced plans to open in Redbank Plains and One Mile.

It looks like cheese toast will still be on the menu in Ipswich for some time to come.