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Bring Ipswich Show spirit to your front yard on May 15.
Bring Ipswich Show spirit to your front yard on May 15.

No Ipswich Show, but the fun goes on with Front Yard Friday

IPSWICH residents are being encouraged to let their creative sides run free by decorating their front yards and driveways on May 15 for Front Yard Friday.

The community-wide event is being held on the Ipswich Show Public Holiday, proving that while this year's show cannot go on because of COVID-19 restrictions, the fun of the day still can.

Residents are being encouraged to decorate their gardens, fences and driveways as well as order their favourite takeaway from a local business and enjoy it at home.

Radio station River 94.9 has residents covered with good tunes and will be playing Front Yard Friday requests throughout the day.

Activities to help children with decorating their yard can be downloaded from Ipswich City Council at

"Sadly, we cannot attend the Ipswich Show this year but we can still make show day one filled with fun, colour and excitement," Mayor Teresa Harding said.

Front Yard Friday is part of Ipswich City Council's Ipswich Together program.

Ipswich Together includes a range of community and council events and initiatives over the coming months to support our community through the pandemic.

The Queensland Times, River 94.9, Ipswich Hospital Foundation, Ipswich Regional Chamber of Commerce and Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce have partnered with council for Ipswich Together.

Five key themes around response and recovery are at the heart of Ipswich Together. They are:

•Share accurate information and advice

•Stay connected and support isolated people

•Consider your actions and be kind

•Look after your wellbeing

•Support local business

See more about Ipswich Together activities at