Temperatures plummet as Ipswich shivers in icy blast

IT will come as no surprise that you didn't want to get out of bed this morning.

Apart from it being a Monday and back to school, the weather gods decided to chip in with the coldest morning of year so far.

The Bureau of Meteorology reports that the mercury fell to an icy -3.2C at Amberley around 6.45am.

"That's pretty chilly and the coldest morning of the year in Ipswich so far," Meteorologist Kimba Wong said. "The last time if got down that low was August last year, but fortunately it wasn't as cold as the -4.9C Ipswich record in August 1995."

The sudden drop in temperature came after a positively "balmy" 6.4C recorded early on Saturday morning. Things however took a turn early yesterday with a low of -0.5C and a maximum that struggled to get above 20C.

"We have a very cold and dry air mass over Queensland at the moment that's responsible for these temperatures, and it's looking like a pretty cold week ahead too - although maybe not quite as chilly as today," Wong said.

"There's also a chance of frost around pretty much through the week and until the weekend."

Temperatures this week

  • Monday: Min -3.2C Max 21
  • Tuesday: Min 3 Max 23
  • Wednesday: Min 3 Max 24
  • Thursday: Min 5 Max 24
  • Friday: Min 3 Max 24
  • Saturday: Min 4 Max 24
  • Sunday: Min 6 Max 24