Orion Lagoon was busy yesterday.
Orion Lagoon was busy yesterday. Cordell Richardson

Ipswich SEQ's hottest as 'extreme' heatwave sweeps state

IPSWICH is on track to be the hottest place in southeast Queensland today.

It comes after the Bureau of Meteorology upgraded its heatwave forecast from severe to extreme.

"It's likely to crack 40C - 10C above the average - in one or two locations in the Ipswich area today," forecaster Mark Trenorden said.

Neighbouring towns Gatton, Esk and Laidley will also see tops of 39C and Boonah 38C.

Thankfully it will be a few degrees cooler than the record high of 43.9C for Ipswich from November of 1968.

North westerly winds bringing warm air from central and northern Queenlsand are fueling the heatwave.

The region's residents won't be the only ones sweltering.

There will 44 degree temperatures west of Longreach and in the St George area today.

The forecast has prompted Queensland Ambulance Service to issue a warning too.

"You can get very sick very quickly in this heat, particularly if you are working outside and if you are not keeping your fluids up," said spokesperson Tony Hucker.

"So keep cool, keep water close by and if possible stay indoors."

Hucker also urged the community to keep an eye on elderly folks, young children, people who are unwell at home and pets too.

"Check in on your neighbours, especially the old and the sick. Make sure they've got the air-con on if they've got it, or their windows open," he said.

The good news is Ipswich can expect 27C on Thursday - a drop of 12C from today's high.

"For the southeast we will have to wait until Thursday before we see temperatures getting down to normal for this time of year," Trenorden said.

"Cloud cover creeping in tomorrow is likely to mark the start of the cooler conditions.

"There might also be one of two drops of rain with the cooler weather," he added.