Ipswich Musketeers stalwart Clive Jones.
Ipswich Musketeers stalwart Clive Jones. QT file

Ipswich remembers club legend Clive

Baseball: As the Ipswich Musketeers focus on a new season, they are mourning the loss of club stalwart Clive Jones.

Former Musketeers manager Brian Zeidler was among the baseball fraternity who remember the former player, coach, manager and life member as a valuable mate.

Clive joined Musketeers coming from Mt. Gravatt Eagles in the early 70's.

"I always said Rusty Crane, who worked with Clive in the railway, was the driving force behind getting Clive to come to Musketeers,'' Zeidler said.

"Clive's mentor in the early years was all-Australian great pitcher Kevin Albury from Eagles.

"Clive was a great pitcher but Rusty would keep bantering him at work, saying his team would pound him to all parts of the field. This got to Clive, who eventually joined Musketeers and I was so pleased that he did.''


Ipswich Musketeers stalwart Clive Jones.
Clive Jones.

Clive played for Queensland for a number of years. He was also picked for Australia along with Nev Brockie, Joe McDonald and Jeff Wilson in 1973.

Clive's real talent was forged in coaching where, from 1977-84, he developed a very young side in Ipswich.

"He had a professional manner in training and mental toughness of baseball,'' Zeidler said.

Clive stepped down after the 1984 season, handing over the role to Mark "Dusty'' Dale.

From Clive's foundation work, Dusty oversaw Musketeers' grand final success in 1985 and 1986.

After Peter Wood led Ipswich to another success in 1987, Clive returned to share in Musketeers' 1988 grand final glory.

After those four consecutive premierships in a row, Dale returned in 2001 to coach Musketeers to another title.

"It was Clive's dedication and physical training in those early years that welded the team together,'' Zeidler said.

Among the players Clive worked with were national representatives Wood, Peter Vogler, Paul Coogan and Joe McDonald.

Musketeers also had many Queensland representatives who were unstoppable in that era. They included Steve Hinton, Kim Jessop, Jon Campbell, Shane Watson, Greg Suthers, Jim Hogan and veteran Dan Ludwig.

Clive's son Dean has also been a great pitcher for Musketeers over a long period.

"Many years of personal training and mentoring under Clive elevated Dean to a high standard as a pitcher,'' Zeidler said.

Clive is survived by Dean and partner Renee, grandchildren Jack and Phoebe, and sister Cheryl.

Clive was nearly 72 when he passed, being born on October 19, 1946.

A celebration of Clive's life is being held at Musketeers Baseball Club (Church Street, Tivoli) on Friday at 2pm.

Zeidler said everyone associated with Clive were welcome to attend.