Ash Walsh
Ash Walsh Contributed

Ipswich racer does city proud in competitive new role

I SAID in last week's column I hoped that Ash Walsh does Ipswich proud. He delivered again with a debut Carrera Cup win on the streets of Adelaide.

This year's Carrera Cup is arguably one of the toughest fought in years with more pro drivers than before.

Walsh showed he is a class driver, taking out race two and recording the fastest Carrera Cup lap of the weekend.

A third in race one and a non finish in race three means that Walsh sits in fifth in the championship 48 points behind his teammate Nick McBride, who took out the round victory with two seconds and a third.

Walsh's next race is next weekend at the Australian Grand Prix.


Rotary fun

LAST weekend's Rotary Revival at Queensland Raceway was great fun.

Having more than 120 rotaries in one place was amazing.

For lovers of brap, brap, they were in heaven with cruises, burnouts and some roll racing.

We have a lot of Rotary lovers in Queensland judging from the size of the crowd that showed up to watch.

This weekend, I have my cowboy boots on and I'm ready to enjoy some great Country music at Willowbank Raceway.

It looks like the whole venue has been transformed and I can't wait to hear some of my favourite country acts perform.


QR place to be

AT Queensland Raceway on Saturday is the V8 Race Experience.

I imagine a number of the CMC rockers will get across and check out the V8 cars running around the track.

It will be great to show of the motorsport precinct to all the patrons who have come to the area for CMC Rocks

On Sunday, the bikes are back at Queensland Raceway.

The QR Moto Ride day always has a large number of interesting bikes and I'm sure this Sunday will be no different.

I also can't wait to finally be able to take my own car down the quarter mile again next Friday at the Test 'n' Tune at Willowbank Raceway. It has been a while since I have done this.

I know I am always in for a great night when I get to be a part of the action.

Next Saturday, it's the second round of the Queensland Drag Racing Championship.

This event always brings racers from across the state to battle to be the track champion at the end of the year.

Over at Queensland Raceway, it's the biggest drift event in Australia - the Autumn Drift Matsuri with 250 cars drifting non-stop for two solid sideways days.


Key events

  • This weekend: CMC Rocks, Willowbank Raceway.
  • Saturday: V8 Race Experience, Queensland Raceway.
  • Sunday: QR Moto Ride Day, Queensland Raceway.
  • Next weekend: Autumn Drift Matsuri, Queensland Raceway.
  • Next Friday: Test 'n' Tune, Willowbank Raceway.
  • Next Saturday: Queensland Drag Racing Championships- Willowbank Raceway.