UPDATE: WITHIN minutes of their story being shared on the QT website, the West Ipswich community have come to the rescue of a couple whose home was flooded.

Tom and Liz Beldi's home is sitting in six feet of flood water, a newly built man cave and the first story of their home destroyed.

West Ipswich Fantastic Furniture store manager Suzanne Ireland saw their story online and could see the flood water festering from the back of the shop.

She knew she had to do something to help and has offered to replace their damaged furniture.

"Every man needs a lounge in his man cave or some bar stools. The whole team was looking at the video and we thought we've got to do something, they're our neighbours," she said.

"Post 2011 floods, we went through replacing massive amounts of furniture and it was bitter sweet.

"The stories we heard were heartbreaking, about people trying to get back on their feet and rebuild and we were doing the best we could to help.

"It's just heartbreaking and I would hate to be in that situation so we had to do something."

INITIAL: WEST Ipswich home owners Tom and Liz Beldi could do nothing but watch as their dream home filled with flood water this morning.

The pensioners have spent the last year renovating the first story of their home into a man cave - but today it's under water.

If the water rises another one and a half metres on top of the six foot that is already soaking into the first story of their home, the second story will also be destroyed.

"We're feeling not too good, a bit devastated," Mrs Beldi said.

Liz and Tom Beldi own the house at the end of Keogh Street in West Ipswich and have been flooded.
Liz and Tom Beldi own the house at the end of Keogh Street in West Ipswich and have been flooded. Rob Williams


"We saw the pictures and thought that's our dream house and when we went to ensure it we found out it was a flood area so there's not much we could do about it.

"It's just a bit devastating because we have been here not so long, we didn't know it was a flood area.

"We'll just have to take it day by day and clean it see what happens. There's nothing we can do. We're positive people, whatever comes we deal with it. I come from a really good family and they're all positive so I'll be positive for them.

"If we can keep it under the second floor we'll be happy and that's life."

Mr Beldi said his hard work creating his man cave would have to be started over, but all was not lost.

"We spent a whole year doing renovations to make a nice man cave underneath and it's now a man pool if you like," he said.