Senator Fraser Anning.
Senator Fraser Anning.

Ipswich MP slams Anning's 'disgusting, divisive' comments

A CALL to ban Muslims from entering Australia has been slammed by Labor's Immigration spokesman and Ipswich MP Shayne Neumann.

The Member for Blair condemned the attempts of Senator Fraser Anning to "undermine and attack Australia's non-discriminatory immigration policy".

Mr Anning also used the Nazi phrase, "final solution".

"Following the White Australia Policy being dismantled, the Racial Discrimination Act was passed by the Whitlam Government in 1975 to ensure Australia would not return to the backward, unjust, and discriminatory days of yesteryear," Mr Neumann said.

"The disgusting, denigrating and divisive language like that shared by Senator Anning undermines Australian society as a whole and our shared values. It has no place in the Parliament, it has no place in Australia, and should be condemned by all sides of politics.

"Migrants have helped drive our economy with one in three small businesses in Australia being run by migrants and migrant business owners employing 1.41 million people across Australia."