Wendy's has closed at Riverlilnk
Wendy's has closed at Riverlilnk Darren Hallesy

Ipswich loses iconic food retailer

THERE won't be any more Flake Shakes or Mega Hot Dogs served up to hungry customers for the foreseeable future, with the sudden closure of the Wendy's outlet at Riverlink outside Coles.

Staff in surrounding retailers were surprised when they got to work recently to find that the popular ice cream and food store has closed.

It is believed the local owners of the Wendy's store are working with their head office to find a new location.

Wendy's is an Australian icon, beginning in South Australia back in 1979. The company uses a franchise model and has grown to 120 stores across the nation.

This closure means that the nearest store is in Forest Lake if you are keen for your Wendy's fix.

Enquiries to Wendy's National Office were not returned at the time of press.