Ipswich kids and families need something more


I have been living in the Ipswich area for 5 years and have noticed on many occasions teens on Bell Street during school hours.

Sometimes they are there late, alone or in small groups and usually looking bored and either yelling to friends or obviously needing a service that encourages then to attend school or have a mentor to talk to.

Police could visit schools more regularly and give talks on what benefits them in the future by going to school to enable them to get a good job later on or to do further study.

I have been living in Booval and when shopping and coming out of Booval Fair, teenagers will ask me for a smoke.

One day I had two girls look very hungry and didn't ask for money.

I had $5 so they could get a drink and some food. They were so happy and appreciative and well mannered. It made me feel good to help someone.

As being a mother myself and previously had my daughter live with me, she found not a lot to do and usually would have to travel to city or elsewhere to be with friends.

If she had something more interesting like a teenage social group organised by the church or a council that provides activities for them, that probably would have been great!

We need even more centres like the PCYC and make them free to access for them and have centres that give counselling and doctors that provide services as well.

These facilities are needed to enable the teens to stay off the streets.

We need to look after the well-being of teenagers as some experience neglect from family and the parents need that support too.

As parents how would you feel when letting your teenagers out? It's a community matter that needs to be addressed. 

Ingrid Lama

North Booval