OPPOSED: Greens MP Michael Berkman.
OPPOSED: Greens MP Michael Berkman. Bev Lacey

Cheerleading MPs will sacrifice city to incinerator: Greens

RESIDENTS in Ipswich are being sacrificed as the state government and cheerleading local MPs support Remondis' proposed incinerator, the Greens say.

People battling against the incinerator have received backing from Greens' Maiwar MP Michael Berkman, who called for the state to stop the multinational company.

"It is sadly typical that Ipswich is being treated like a sacrifice zone," he told parliament.

"The Minister for State Development and the member for Ipswich have been out there playing cheerleaders for this multinational company, Remondis, which has proposed this incinerator.

Mr Berkman said a petition signed by 4000 people opposing the incinerator should serve as proof the community did not want it.

"If Labor is so confident that the Ipswich community supports this proposal, I would invite them to put it to a community vote," he said.

"Plenty of Ipswich residents do not want to see it go ahead and who can blame them.

"Even the administrator at Ipswich City Council has made comments to this effect."

Mr Berkman said the government should not direct proceeds from its $1.3 billion waste levy to helping Remondis build its incinerator.

"Labor has announced that $100 million will be allocated to the Resource Recovery Industry Development Program," he said.

"The main project in the running for a slice of that funding which is under discussion is the Remondis waste to energy plant at Swanbank.

"Waste to energy is a nice little piece of green speak, but we really do need to call this what it is: It is an incinerator. Burning rubbish is not clean energy."

Mr Berkman said the Greens supported a campaign "against dangerous, polluting trash incinerators at Ipswich".

He pledged to attend a rally against the incinerator, organised by Ipswich Residents Against Toxic Environments, at d'Arcy Doyle Place on March 9 from 10am.