BOLD RETURN: Bradley Walton is re-opening up to 20 Silly Solly's stores.
BOLD RETURN: Bradley Walton is re-opening up to 20 Silly Solly's stores. Mike Richards GLA091017SILY

Ipswich in Silly Solly's $5 check-out queue

POPULAR discount variety store Silly Solly's and its $5 budget could be returning to Ipswich 17 years after it closed.

The iconic business packed up all 40 shops across the state, including at Yamanto, in 2000, but there are bold plans to open 20 new stores in the next two years.

It's got all the bells and whistles (quite literally) of a regular discount variety shop but at Silly Solly's, nothing is over $5.

Owner Brad Walton said Ipswich could be in line for a new store if a business model trial in regional Queensland was successful.

Three stores are opening at Gladstone, Rockhampton and Yeppoon in the coming months to test the market and gauge consumers' interest in $5 bargains.

Mr Walton said if all goes well, Ipswich could be among the expansion.

"The first three stores will be trailing the concept and if it works we'll try and go ahead really quickly with other stores," Mr Walton said.

"We are not ruling out any locations at this stage so we definitely could be heading south and we definitely could consider opening in Ipswich.

"I think there is definitely the potential for it to expand, no one else has done this in Australia and it's something different to other stores."

Bradley Walton is excited about opening the Silly Sully's store in Kin Kora where nothing will be over $5.00.
Silly Solly's owner Brad Walton Mike Richards GLA091017SILY

Mr Walton said Ipswich customers could potentially secure their own Silly Solly's store.

"The more people we have who want us there the better, we look at where out followers are coming from. Speak up and tell us what you want," he said.

According to the ads, 'nobody but nobody save you money like Silly Solly's' and nobody could fit 36 bargains into a 59 second TV commercial either.

Mr Walton said despite their 'cringe worthy' ads, the Silly Solly's brand would be bringing back the same infamous commercials.

"Solly had to do his own adds because nobody else could fit that much in 60 seconds," he said.

He said he worked tirelessly to find quality products that were good value and good quality.

"We are devoted to putting all our efforts into the Solly's brand. We are a true discounter. There is nothing over $5," he said.

"We can't do everything but there are some products you might be paying $10 to $20 for at other retailers that are $5 at Silly Solly's.

"It takes a lot of work because we source quality products but also really great products, it's not just a heap of junk but we are having extremely valuable products.

"I keep my overheads down and work really hard in finding these deals and working really hard with both domestic and international suppliers are well."