Ipswich swelters through sixth heatwave since spring

IPSWICH is in the midst of another heatwave and there's no sign of relief anytime soon.

The Bureau of Meteorology's Heatwave Service shows a low-intensity system set in over the region this week, and it is likely to stick around until Wednesday.

A search of Queensland Times weather reports going back to the start of spring, reveals that this is the sixth heatwave to affect the city since the onset of the warmer months.

Bureau of Meteorology's senior climatologist Rob Smalley says his analyses supports this too.

"I looked at Amberley Airport and noted these events occurred for three day periods with start dates including 4-5 November, 30 November to 1 December, 13 December, 18 to 20 December and there may have been an impact from an event occurring on 5 January," Mr Smalley said.

The peak of the latest heatwave will be tomorrow, with the city forecast to see a high of 37C -- 6C above the January maximum average of 31.2C.

The hot conditions will continue into next week with 35C on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before peaking again at 37C on Wednesday.

Minimum temperatures will also be a degree or two above the average from today onwards.

While Ipswich will be hot, Gatton is forecast to hit 38C tomorrow and 39C is on the cards for Wednesday.

Laidley, Esk and Boonah will test highs of 37C tomorrow.

The chance of rain is highly unlikely with maybe a slight chance of a shower on Tuesday.