'Deeply concerning': hospital still running on generators

PARTS of Ipswich Hospital are still being powered by generators after a mains power outage earlier this week.

West Moreton Health chief operating officer Matt Tallis said the hospital's Ward Block and Jubilee House experienced a mains power outage on Monday about 3.30pm.

"The remaining areas of the Ipswich Hospital campus is still connected and operating on mains power supply," he said.  

"The mains power outage has caused no delays to clinical services or risk to the continuity of care at these sites. Staff have been notified of the change."

Power to Ward Block and Jubilee House is being supplied by generators while the rest of the hospital is operating on mains power.

West Moreton Health is working with Energex to resolve the issue.

"The cause of this power outage is being investigated by West Moreton Health and Energex," Mr Tallis said.

"West Moreton Health is well prepared for these unexpected events, and we have systems and processes in place to switch to a network of generators when needed.

"Generators were used at Ipswich Hospital Ward Block and Jubilee House approximately four weeks ago, however this week's event is not related to the previous outage."

The LNP's Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates said it was a "deeply concerning" situation.

"Multiple power outages at a major hospital would be deeply concerning for both patients and health staff," she said.  

"The Palaszczuk Labor Government must explain why the power outage happened, why it took so long to restore, and guarantee patient care isn't at risk.

"Ipswich patients, nurses and doctors shouldn't have to put up with a hospital prone to power failure."

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