College too smart for Grammar

KEY PLAYER: Ipswich Grammar school captain and First XI skipper Jarred Hancock.
KEY PLAYER: Ipswich Grammar school captain and First XI skipper Jarred Hancock. Contributed

IPSWICH Grammar School's GPS premiership hopes were on the line travelling to Nudgee College for a massive football match.

A win for Nudgee would secure the premiership for 2013 and a win for IGS would keep them in the hunt with two games remaining.

However, IGS were left planning for next season after losing 3-0.

From the outset it was clear it was going to be a tough physical match with both sides not taking a backward step in front of a big crowd.

In the early stages, it was IGS that looked the better side as they won the early ball and adapted quickly to the sodden pitch.

The heavy rain during the week had kept the groundsmen off the field making it slow going for both teams.

IGS was unable to capitalise on their early pressure and it was Nudgee that took the advantage with a magnificent strike from their central midfield player.

"We had looked the better of the two sides early," assistant coach Stewart Drinkeld said.

"When they scored their goal, it was probably one of the first times Nudgee had got forward.''

The second half began in a similar way to the first with both sides exchanging some physical blows and the defence of both sides being a highlight. It was Nudgee however that would inflict another blow to IGS through a powerful shot from outside the 18 yard box.

As the match progressed, IGS had to push players forward in search of the elusive goal that would put them back in the match. There were some great opportunities created by IGS but unlike previous weeks the boys were unable to capitalise on them.

As IGS continued to push forward, Nudgee were able to play good counter attacking football, putting the result beyond doubt.

"The strength of our team to date had been our ability to take those half chances we created," Drinkeld said. "Unfortunately we were unable to take them today.

"Full credit must go to Nudgee for taking every opportunity they were presented.

"A fairer reflection of the game would have been a 2-1 result, but that's football and we must now pick ourselves up and ensure we maintain our position as third on the ladder.''