Ipswich is getting even more fresh and frosty

IPSWICH is in line for at least another two days of frosty and fresh conditions before temperatures start to warm up slightly on the weekend.

Forecasters expect 2C minimums in the city this morning with the chance of early frost while Friday morning will drop down to 4C with returning frost.

Day time maximums will peak at 24C on both days.

The weekend in Ipswich will be slightly warmer, between 6C and 26C on Saturday and 7C and 25C on Sunday.

Forecasters are not expecting any rain.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Harry Clark said frost was expected to stick about until at least Friday.

"With the changes it will be a lot dryer and cooler than what it was in the past few days," Mr Clark said.

"It will be really sunny for the next few days and warming up nicely throughout the day but the nights will be quite cool."

Mr Clark said a dry air mass and clear skies would results in below average conditions, particularly overnight and early in the morning.

"We will start seeing a trough system approaching from the west on the weekend," he said.

"While there will be not much weather in it, it will slowly start warming up on the weekend to maximums of about 26C."