Ipswich, Gatton shivers through colder than usual mornings

EARLY Sunday risers who thought temperatures in Ipswich and Gatton this morning were particularly fresh were experiencing among the first true Autumn conditions the city has experienced this season.

The coldest part of this morning dropped down to 10.3C at 6.30am, well below the April average minimum of 14.7C.

The chilly start to the day has set the pace for fresh day time temperatures as well, with Sunday's maximum falling just below the average to 26C.

Today is a sample of what Ipswich residents should expect for the rest of the week, with similar sunny days and tops of 26C forecast to continue at least until Sunday.

It's likely however this morning's fresh temperatures will be the coolest for the week in Ipswich, with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting over night minimums to drop down to just 11C tomorrow and on Tuesday before heating up to 13C on Wednesday.

Longer nights and dry, stable air masses are pushing temperatures down in the lead-up to Winter. 

A bit further west at Gatton, temperature will drop to 10C on Monday morning, after a comfortable 24C during the day on Sunday.