petrol pump station
petrol pump station

Ipswich feels pain as fuel retailers gouge for holidays

IPSWICH drivers have been paying up to 20c more than what is considered a fair fuel price in the region as prices jumped in time for the school holidays.

According to RACQ, prices have been going up and a fair fuel price in Ipswich today is 124.4.

Some service stations are charging upwards of 140.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said most service stations in Ipswich had upped their prices.

"Now unfortunately isn't going to be the time for motorists to be filling up their car in Ipswich, unless they happen to spot one of the service stations left with cheap fuel," she said.

She said the timing has been bad for motorists with the price hike coming at a time where more people were out and about using their car.

"What has bothered us this time is the fact we saw this high cap end a bit earlier than we expected and what it meant is many motorists who were planning their school holiday trips away were caught by surprise and didn't have the opportunity to fuel up at those cheap prices."


BP Silkstone: 119.9

Metro West Ipswich: 119.9

United Booval: 141.9

7-Eleven Brassall: 144.9