CARING: Delegates from Nepal and Bangladesh visited Ipswich recently; countries where Ipswich Cares has made a difference.
CARING: Delegates from Nepal and Bangladesh visited Ipswich recently; countries where Ipswich Cares has made a difference.

Ipswich Cares helps Nepal and Bangladesh

THE IPSWICH community is making a difference and saving lives in less privileged countries thanks to an organisation known as Ipswich Cares.

A delegation of officials from Nepal and Bangladesh included Ipswich on a recent Australian visit.

Cr David Morrison took the opportunity to tell the delegates of what Ipswich Cares has achieved in their respective countries thanks to donations from the public.

"Ipswich Cares via (charity) Compassion Australia helped provided fresh drinking water to a village in Bangladesh in 2010 and in 2013 helped provide a community building in Nepal,” Cr Morrison said.

"The building in Nepal is named the Ipswich Cares Building and remained standing during the 2015 earthquake where many sought refuge .

"To have representatives visit Ipswich from two countries that Ipswich Cares has helped in the past was encouraging and helps you appreciate the term global village .”

Ipswich Cares is an incorporated body which channels funds raised through various charities such as Compassion Australia.

Cr Morrison set it up after the impact of a natural disaster that stunned the world.

"Ipswich Cares is an initiative I set up in 2007 to challenge the people of the city of Ipswich to give $1 per person in September for humanitarian need,” Cr Morrison said.

"The money we raise we give to a variety of causes, including one in Bangladesh and one in Nepal, so it was interesting to have a group from those two countries visiting Ipswich.

"There was the big tsunami that hit south-east Asia in 2004 and my two sons went over to rebuild an orphanage in Thailand.

"There was a real outpouring from the people of Australia to help south-east Asia and at the time I thought 'wouldn't it be great if there was one month where every Australian gave a dollar for a good cause'.

"I then thought 'David, instead of challenge Australia to do that, why not challenge the city that you are elected to govern'.

"What we are focusing on now is getting Ipswich schools, businesses and churches involved in the month of September. As an example, Battery World in West Ipswich for a number of years has given $1 to Ipswich Cares for every car battery they sell in the month of September.

"So we are not asking for $500 or $1000.”

Cr Morrison said most years Ipswich Cares raises at least $25,000.

"We are in the process now of applying for charity status,” Cr Morrison said.

"It is something all of us can get involved in.”

  • To assist Ipswich Cares phone 3818 3100.