Burglar safety story
Burglar safety story

Ipswich, are your valuables safe?

Ipswich Police are urging people to ensure their valuable belongings are locked away after a recent spike of robberies in the region.

Police have received reports of burglary, enter with intent, unlawful use of motor vehicles and unlawful entry of motor vehicle offences.

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Police encourage you to consider marking your property by either engraving or using microdots so that if your property goes missing or is stolen, police are able to identify the rightful owner especially if the item is pawned or located.

The majority of these crimes are referred to as ‘sneak breaks’ which are committed by opportunistic thieves targeting vehicles and homes where doors and windows are left unsecured enabling easy access to your valuables.

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Opportunist thieves also have no problem with walking through open garage doors or open / unlocked windows and doors – even when you are home.

You can take precautions against becoming a victim by following these safety tips:

  • Lock your vehicle whenever the vehicle is unattended;
  • Never leave valuables and/or personal documents in your vehicle;
  • Keep keys, valuables and cash out of sight and out of easy reach, even in your home;
  • Never leave your vehicle keys, valuables or personal information on a kitchen bench or hallway table allowing for easy access to thieves;
  • Keep doors and windows locked in areas of the home that are unoccupied, even when you are at home;
  • Get to know your neighbours, exchange numbers and keep an eye out on each other’s homes;
  • Avoid leaving keys under a doormat, letterbox or any other obvious place;
  • Mark your property using the Police Property Identification System and;
  • Consider installing security cameras. You can register your security camera with the Community Camera Alliance here.

Additional information can be located at the Queensland Police Service website.