JET SET: Josh Seage is looking forward to getting back on the football field for the Ipswich Jets after a lengthy injury.
JET SET: Josh Seage is looking forward to getting back on the football field for the Ipswich Jets after a lengthy injury. Rob Williams

Ipswich all set for launch into Intrust season

THE Ipswich Jets have stuck behind last year's leadership group in their search for Intrust Super Cup glory.

Halfback Dane Phillips and lock Huskie Teutau received the nod from Jets co-coaches Ben and Shane Walker to again assume the role of captain and vice captain of the Ipswich powerhouse club.

With the players announced at the Ipswich Jets season launch with new club sponsor Llewellyn Motors on Saturday night, it was a special moment for one of the club's walking wounded in 2016.

After a brilliant start to the year, second rower Josh Seage had his season cut short through injury. He was happy to be returning in Jets colours.

"It's good to be back with the team again,” Seage said.

"Last year when I got injured I wasn't around the team as much and I probably had about four or five months off football.

"The feeling at the launch was the same as last year and I'm keen to get back into it again.”

This year the Jets opted to change up their usual jersey auction. With a new scoreboard installed at their North Ipswich Reserve home ground, sponsors were given the opportunity to buy a number for the entire season.

Every try that jersey number scores is an opportunity to promote their business, which is why Seage said the wingers were always favourites.

"I think it's a much better deal and hopefully with the scoreboard it will help with promotion and sponsors,” he said. "I did score the first try last year so who knows who'll get up this time.

"Every jersey will score at least once and the way we work any number could be playing in any position.”

After pushing for selection in the Queensland Residents squad last year, Seage will share the number 11 for Ipswich alongside fellow forwards Jesse Roberts and Sam Martin.

With plenty of competition for jerseys this year, the 25-year-old believed a hard pre-season of training had everyone in the running for next weekend's round one game.

"I have no idea who will be the top 17 next weekend,” he said. "It will be interesting to see who makes the team each week because everyone is competing for spots.

"I'm a big fan of CrossFit because it's a completely different kind of fitness. I think we'll be stronger because of it and that's something we might have been missing last year.”

The Ipswich Jets take on Tweed Heads away (from 2pm) in their opening Cup game on Sunday.

Ipswich Jets roster for 2017, announced at the season launch on Saturday night:

1. Wes Conlon and Chastyn Bowen

2. Ono So'oialo and Michael Purcell

3. Ben White

4. Sig Manu Wigness and Nemani Valekapa

5. Bernard Mosby and Richard Pandia

6. Luke Capewell

7. Chris Ash and Dane Phillips

8. Lachlan Roe and Billy McConnachie

9. Denzel King, Peter Whittaker and Landon Hayes

10. Mitchell Carpenter, Tyson Lofipo and Nat Neale

11. Josh Seage, Jesse Roberts and Sam Martin

12. Hugh Sedger and Sebastian Pandia

13. Isi Hafoka and Huskie Teutau