iPhone photo tips and tricks to make the most of your camera

WHEN it comes to colour, Sydney's Mardis Gras is hard to beat.

But how would you go just shooting it on an iPhone?

Well with the latest camera technology, surprisingly well, based on these photos taken with an iPhone XS.

Portrait photography has, in the past, been the domain of full feature DSLR cameras.

But with modern smartphones offering bokeh or blurred background effect, there's no limit to what you can do.

Here's some great tips for using your iPhone.

Sydney Mardi Gras Shot on iPhone XS.
Sydney Mardi Gras Shot on iPhone XS.

Swipe left for quick access to the camera

There's a simple way to open the iPhone camera in less than a second to ensure you never miss a great shot. When your iPhone is locked, wake the screen and swipe left to access the camera without having to your to unlock your iPhone.

Tap and hold to lock the focus

To ensure your camera is primed and ready, in the Camera app, tap on the screen to set the focus. Slide up or down on the screen to change exposure and then lock the focus by tapping and holding on the screen until the yellow square bounces and you see AE/AF Lock (Autoexposure/ Autofocus lock).

Switch on the camera grid to help compose your photos

The grid can help ensure horizons or key landmarks are level in your photos and also help to compose your shot according to the classic composition rule of thirds. Keep in mind that photos look great if you position your subject off-centre. To turn on the camera grid, open the Settings app, select Camera, and make sure the Grid option is on (green).

Sydney Mardi Gras Shot on iPhone XS.
Sydney Mardi Gras Shot on iPhone XS.

Take advantage of advanced Portrait mode

Shooting in Portrait mode allows you to capture a subject that is sharp and in focus with a stunning blurred background. Portrait photography isn't just about having a great subject, it's also about having a great background.

Look for an interesting background or bold, block colour that will make your subject pop! Don't forget you can also take Portraits on the selfie camera too!

Adjust the depth of field to take your portraits to the next level
Depth Control lets you adjust the depth of field and amount of blur in the background before or after you shoot. When you've taken a photo using Portrait mode, open it in the Photos app, and tap Edit.

The Depth slider lets you adjust the depth of field without affecting exposure. After taking a portrait, go to Edit and adjust the Depth Control with the slider.

Add captivating studio-style lighting effects to your portrait photographs with Portrait Lighting

Choose from Studio Light to brighten facial features, Contour Light for more dramatic directional lighting, Stage Light to isolate your subject in the spotlight, or Stage Mono for stage light in a classic black and white.

You can take a Portrait mode photo with a real-time preview of the lighting effect on your screen, simply swipe between the different lighting effects that appear in the bottom part of the viewfinder.

Bring life to your images with Live Photos

Capture photos that come alive when you touch them. With Live Photos, your iPhone records what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture. What you get is more than a great photo and enables you to add a Live photo effect, change they key photo, edit and share.

Use Burst mode to ensure you never miss a moment

By holding down the shutter button, you can take a burst of many photos in quick succession. Using burst mode ensures that you can capture the exact moment you want and choose the best from a multitude of photos.

This is particularly great for action shots. The photos will show up as a stack in your camera roll. Tap Select to choose your favourite pics and keep or delete the rest.

Take photos with the volume buttons

If you're concentrating on lining up the perfect shot and are worried about obstructing the shot or moving your hand, you can can also activate the camera shutter by pressing the volume up button when in the native Camera app.