Investigators on the ground as Inland Rail takes next step

ENVIRONMENTAL and engineering investigations will start this month between Gowrie and Kagaru including Calvert and Helidon, as part of the Inland Rail project.

The studies are expected to take 18 months and include opportunities for the community to contribute to the project, and investigations.

From early this month, the project team will be doing a range of investigations throughout the project study area, including geotechnical investigations, flooding and hydrology studies, ecological, noise, air quality and vibration, land utility identification and heritage.

The studies are expected to last 18 months.

Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) Inland Rail Programme Delivery Director Simon Thomas there would be an increased presence of project team members along the study area from the Queensland/ NSW border through to Toowoomba, down the Lockyer Valley and to Kagaru in Beaudesert.

"These studies will help us understand more about factors such as the lay of the land, hydrology, rock and soil types, and flora and fauna. In addition to informing environmental reports, the work is critical to developing the feasibility design for the rail line," he said.

Mr Thomas said the April activity was another important step forward for Inland Rail this month with the Queensland Coordinator General declaring the Border to Gowrie section to be a 'Coordinated Project', triggering the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process.

"I encourage people to keep abreast of Inland Rail progress, activities and events through our website," Mr Thomas said.

"I also welcome people with questions about the works or about Inland Rail in general to contact us on 1800 732 761."

Inland Rail activities scheduled for the coming month include:

Border to Gowrie

  • Combined meeting of the Inner Darling Downs and Southern Darling Downs Community Consultative Committees at Brookstead regarding the proposed methodology for the Condamine floodplain studies (April 10)
  • Community consultation sessions for provision of input into the Condamine floodplain studies. Further details will be released shortly (April 19 and 21).
  • Ecology studies, site-walk throughs, and geotechnical testing (starting from early April)

Gowrie to Helidon; Helidon to Calvert; Calvert to Kagaru

  • Field investigations including geotechnical, flooding and hydrology, ecological, noise, air quality and vibration, utility identification and cultural heritage surveys (starting early April)