Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi. Picture: YouTube.
Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi. Picture: YouTube.

Internet roasts Kylie Jenner’s bizarre singing

IT'S been a busy 24 hours for meme makers.

Kylie Jenner has inspired a tidal wave of fresh content after video emerged of her earnestly singing to toddler Stormi.

The 22-year-old billionaire posted a tour of her sleek Kylie Cosmetics office on YouTube, but in a rather unexpected turn, it ended with her wandering into her daughter Stormi's room, flicking the light on and busting out a snippet of what many have jokingly dubbed her debut single; "Rise and Shine".

Stormi, sitting quietly in her cot, appeared to already be awake when she was serenaded by her mother.

You can watch the full tour below, or skip to 15:20 for the "Rise and Shine" content gold:


Fans have flocked to social media to poke fun at the bizarre moment, creating hilarious remixes and videos - including a mock audition on The Voice featuring the singsong phrase.






Ariana Grande even offered up a cover on Instagram:


Jenner herself has since joined in on the joke with Instagram posts of her own, the first superimposing her face over the sun from children's program Teletubbies.


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Another sees her playing one of the remixes to Stormi, who then shades her own mother by asking her to switch it off and "play Daddy's music instead". Stormi's dad is rapper Travis Scott, who Jenner split from earlier this month amid cheating rumours. She is now rumoured to be dating former flame and fellow rapper Tyga.


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daddy’s girl 🙄🙄😍

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And the most recent response, in true Kar-Jenner style, is an attempt to cash-in on the viral meme with "Rise and Shine" merch, in the form of a black hoodie adorned with her Teletubby sun-face and the now-iconic lyrics.

Which means for about $90, you could own the most 2019 item of clothing in existence.