OUT OF SERVICE: Business owner Rachael Inglis has closed the doors on her Gracemere-based business ‘As Clean As’.
OUT OF SERVICE: Business owner Rachael Inglis has closed the doors on her Gracemere-based business ‘As Clean As’. Llisa Benoit Roklclean

Internet and phone line hassles kill Gracemere cleaning firm

A GRACEMERE woman has had to close the doors on her cleaning business.

Rachael Inglis ran As Clean As, but told The Morning Bulletin she shut down after complications with her internet and phone provider.

Ms Inglis said she moved her business, which employed up to 32 people at the business' peak in December, into a house in Gracemere in late January, which she would use as her office, for the business.

There had been issues with her phone and internet from day one, she said.

The business owner said she had rang the company iiNet, which her phone and internet were through, but heard nothing back.

"I rang iiNet, but a few weeks later nothing happened, so I rang back but they said they had no record of my first call," she said.

"They finally got a modem out to me about three weeks late, but then the internet and phone worked when they wanted to work," Ms Inglis said.

Ms Inglis, who has had the business for 10 months, said cleaning jobs couldn't get through to her.

"I haven't had the work coming in because in this business, especially with real estate (agents), they send you work orders and I haven't been able to receive work orders because email isn't working," Ms Inglis said.

"We've had regular customers try to send me stuff and I can't get it.

"My mobile phone bill has gone through the roof."

The mother-of-two has since had to close the business.

"As it is, I have to sell the business to try to pay staff," she said.

"The loss of income is ridiculous."

Ms Inglis said she doesn't know what she'll do next, but she is looking to sell all of her cleaning equipment and vehicles.

She has since switched internet and phone providers, but she says it's too late for the business.

iiNet have responded to Ms Inglis' situation.

General manager of iiNet, Mathew Conn said: "Providing awesome customer service is what we are passionate about at iiNet and we always work to resolve issues for our customers quickly and effectively.

"Unfortunately in this case, as a result of a number of different issues, many outside of our control, this customer has experienced delays in the connection of their service.

"On this occasion we were not able to resolve these problems to our customer's satisfaction and timeframes, however, we have been in contact with this customer and we continue to focus on resolving any outstanding issues."