READY FOR SERVICE: Courtney Field, Ben and Liz Thorley and Amanda Taylor of CAFbar.
READY FOR SERVICE: Courtney Field, Ben and Liz Thorley and Amanda Taylor of CAFbar. Cordell Richardson

International chef slow-cooking up a storm in new cafe

MOUTH-watering smoked beef brisket toasties and 24-hour slow-cooked pulled pork burgers are just a couple of the enticing items on the menu of a new Ipswich cafe catering to workers in an Ipswich industrial estate.

CAFBar was the brainchild of Ben and Liz Thorley who have opened for business in the Redbank Motorway Estate.

Mr Thorley is a chef of nearly 20 years and has worked in and managed eateries in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Dubai.

He also runs two food vans under his The Roaming Pig business but CAFBar will be their first static establishment.

"I saw a need for the residential and industrial area (in Redbank) to have some quality coffee and some great food offerings down here," he said.

"Especially with the Australia Post (parcel facility and delivery centre) going in and other big companies in the area, we wanted to make sure there was a good offering for the locals.

"We've noticed the food trend changing and a lot more speciality coffee and great food offerings in the Ipswich area so I wanted to be a part of that and help grow that local community as well.

"It's just off the highway and just down from the Redbank train station. This side of the highway, there's no coffee or food offerings really. We wanted to make sure we had a little hub people could come up to and have a nice little break on their lunch break, or just come in off the highway and get some great coffee or food to go. It's mainly grab and go, you can ring ahead."

CAFBar will use Black Sheep Coffee and be selling gourmet rolls, burgers, wraps and salads as well as sweet treats like muffins, custard doughnuts and danishes.

Mr Thorley believes their beef brisket bourbon barbecue sauce toasties, 24-hour slow-cooked smoked pulled pork burgers, focaccias and South American specials will be favourites.

"I do all the smoking of the meats that we supply here and make our dressings as well," he said.

"I see the Ipswich region is really going ahead with a lot of businesses and a lot of commerce and industries coming out this way.

"We wanted to come on board."

CAFBar will be open from 6.30-2.30pm, Monday-Friday. Saturday openings will be considered in the future.

It is located at 60 Robert Smith Dr, Redbank.