Inmates pelt Jarryd Hayne with fruit in jail


Disgraced NRL superstar Jarryd Hayne has had apples hurled at him after inmates recognised the VIP prisoner when he was moved from a medical clinic at ­Parklea jail to a yard.

Prisoners at the Western Sydney prison began throwing fruit towards Hayne on Friday after sighting him through the steel mesh fence separating him from other inmates, a prison source revealed.


While the yard is located some distance away from the general prison population, it was close enough for inmates to have recognised the high-profile inmate, the source said.

Fortunately for Hayne, the airborne fruit fell well short of reaching the intended target.

"Hayne was put in a little yard which the clinic uses - far enough away from others, but still easy for other wings to see him, and know it's him," the source said.

"And all the crims threw their ­apples at him. Just cheap apples. Nothing fancy."

Hayne, 33, who has been jailed for five years and nine months for sexually assaulting a woman in her Newcastle home, has been separated from other inmates while he completes the NSW Corrective Services mandatory 14-day COVID-19 isolation period.

The maximum-security wing at Parklea prison. Picture: CSNSW
The maximum-security wing at Parklea prison. Picture: CSNSW

The fallen footballer has also been formally classified as a "special interest inmate", meaning only Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin can decide on his classification.

Given his high profile, there is speculation Hayne may be moved to Cooma jail, which has housed many high-profile white collar criminals.

While Hayne will formally finish his quarantine regimen on May 21, it is understood the assessment process to determine his next placement could take weeks.

Hayne is currently being treated as a maximum security inmate - as all "freshies" are when they arrive - but he is likely to be downgraded to medium for a short period before serving the majority of his sentence as a minimum security prisoner.

Despite the apple incident, it is understood Hayne has made no special request to remain segregated.

Hayne's legal team has filed a ­notice of intention to appeal. He has a year to submit his grounds of ­appeal.

He will be eligible for parole in January 2025.

Originally published as Inmates pelt Jarryd Hayne with fruit in jail