YOUR SAY: Indirect taxes hit households hard

NEVER, in the history of government endeavours, has so much been extracted from so many households by such mean and spirit-crushing state-owned utility corporations.

The fact that people are becoming water and power-savvy, with solar power, solar hot water systems and tanks, has seen a change in tactics by tax-dependent governments.

It has meant less profit for the state, and so it turned to indirect taxing of power and water infrastructure.

The introduction of daily set charges for both water and power has raked in a windfall for the state-owned electricity and water corporations.

Labor's modus operandi is to win government, then undermine the standard of living of every constituent by manipulating the cost of living.

Indirect taxes are easily targeted to increase income over time to overcome state debt.

Voters may remember that the Labor Government won overwhelmingly at the last State election. However, it soon displayed its secret weapon: increase motoring cost and utility charges.

It took less than one year to bring in higher registration and licence fees and increase the daily supply charge for electricity by almost 50%.

Utilities are things that affect businesses and households alike.

As far as having a review to contemplate more competition, what is it about that which this Labor Government wants to put on hold?

Instead, we had a historical rise in the daily supply charge, regardless of consumption.

No one can escape daily access fees now, regardless of how frugal consumers are.

Any mention of a carbon tax - the tax which appears to have been removed but which has hung on reinvented as indirect taxing - will bring households to their knees.

We need to see trimming of overheads and reduction in spending, rather than increased indirect taxing, which even the poorest must endure.