MITCHELL-based helicopter pilot David Todd has been running his own 'Uber Chopper' by flying children stranded by floodwaters to school and saving hundreds of cattle from drowning as the southwest experiences its heaviest rainfall in years.

While he's no stranger to mustering from the skies above, Mr Todd has saved hundreds of cattle from rising flood waters throughout the weekend.

"The past two days I've been up and down the (Maranoa) river, pulling cattle from the flood areas," he said.

"Every property we've probably had to move between 30-40, but all up there would have been a couple of hundred that were moved.

"Trying to swing cattle through water takes a fair bit of pushing and it's hard on the calves. It's a bit different to mustering the last 18 months."

Having gained his helicopter licence five years ago, this is the first time he's seen waterlogged country from above, and has captured some incredible photos.

"It's incredible the amount of water that has come down through the gullies, on top of what was coming from upstream," he said.

"There was a property on Sunday afternoon that had water around their house and yard, and by Monday morning had water in.

"This is a nice change on the back of those terrible drought conditions."

Mr Todd said he had also been assisting families by ferrying children to school, and getting people to work.

"It's been a bit like Uber Helicopter the last few days," he said.

"It would be nice to see this dry out before anything else comes, we need to make sure this water can get away.

"But spirits seem to be high."