Kenneth Rossiter will be awarded a commendation for bravery for his actions to save a woman fleeing domestic violence.
Kenneth Rossiter will be awarded a commendation for bravery for his actions to save a woman fleeing domestic violence. Patrick Woods

Incredible acts to save beaten, naked woman fleeing violence

"FOR God's sake Ken, help me, help me, he's coming after me!"

The screams in the night outside 76-year-old Ken Rossiter's Golden Beach home on March 16, 2014 had him running to his neighbour's aid, but he opened the front door to a shocking sight.

The 42-year-old woman, who Mr Rossiter knew and described as "a Good Samaritan", had been beaten and was completely naked, her clothes torn away by a man living in her home who had become violent.

"I saw her framed in the door, like a painting," he said.

The woman ran past Mr Rossiter, pursued by the 40-year-old boarder who she had given a home and more recently became intimate with, before an argument and alcohol sent him flying into a rage.

"When I tried to close the door, the chap that was chasing her... jammed his shoulder in the door, and I couldn't close it," Mr Rossiter said.

The man pushed the door open and shoved Mr Rossiter into the corner, before heading further into the house to find the woman.

Mr Rossiter grabbed his arm, but the man was sweaty and broke free, running into the bathroom where Mr Rossiter shut the door behind him and held the doorknob closed.

As he tried to call the police, he heard the "terribly loud" sound of the window louvres being smashed and ran down to the yard, calling out to his neighbour Ricky Walker.

Mr Walker said he came out of his house to see the woman running from the property, and the man chasing Mr Rossiter and throwing punches.

He said he didn't think twice in jumping between them, dressed only in his boxers, to confront the man.

A scuffle between the two younger men ensued, before the boarder ran off after the woman again.

"I didn't want him to get a hold of her," Mr Walker said.

He tackled the man and managed to hold him to the ground for 40 minutes, until police arrived.

The man eventually pleaded guilty to charges of attempted rape and assault and was sentenced to five years jail.

Mr Rossiter, now 80 years old, and Mr Walker will receive a commendation for bravery at the Government House on June 11.

It was Mr Rossiter who nominated Mr Walker for the award, and was shocked when he found out he was to receive one as well.

He also pointed to the bravery of the woman, who returned to the street after the attack to thank him with a card from her mother reading, "Thank you for saving our daughter."