Remondis has proposed to build a $400 million waste to energy facility at Swanbank.
Remondis has proposed to build a $400 million waste to energy facility at Swanbank.

Incinerator ‘far more dangerous’ than any waste facility

REMONDIS has proposed an incinerator at Swanbank.

They talk of the "exiting" proposal, putting Ipswich in the forefront of state of the art technology for waste disposal.

They talk of in glowing terms about these incinerators built in Paris, Copenhagen and Germany.

This is most disingenuous.

The facts are quite the opposite as there has been a general rejection of this type of waste disposal in all these places in Europe.

Dangerous toxins are poured into the air from incinerators.

Among these pollutants, lead for instance does not break down and is particularly dangerous. Lead is just one of the deadly toxins which does not breakdown.

Cadmium, mercury, arsenic and dioxins are but a few other dangerous chemicals injurious to our health.

Toxins are especially dangerous to nearby residents and to people over a large catchment of

100s of kilometres.

Our present dumps are injurious to our health.

Incinerators are far more dangerous.

Are Ipswich residents to tolerate such alarming prospects like digging up dumps near Sydney and transporting it to Ipswich?

This proposal will bring even more waste to Ipswich.

Another huge dumper, BMI is presently applying to our council to bring one million tonnes of waste from NSW over 14 years.

This super dump must also be stopped.

Ipswich residents must reject any further applications to dump other people's waste in Ipswich and also in particular reject the building of this dangerous incinerator.