WILD RIDE: The sailor had a wild ride back over the bar at Mooloolaba.
WILD RIDE: The sailor had a wild ride back over the bar at Mooloolaba. Coast Guard Mooloolaba

WILD RIDE: Coast Guard pull sailor to safety in nick of time

 Video of the dramatic rescue of a sailor has surfaced, showing just how close the man came to being wiped out by the massive swells.

Coast Guard Mooloolaba crews went to the aide of the man on Sunday, after he was unable to get back in across the bar at the Mooloolah River mouth in Mooloolaba.

Volunteers threw him a rope and he clung on for what was a wild ride back in across the bar, as a massive wave came within inches of swamping his 6m trimaran sailing kayak.

Coast Guard Mooloolaba deputy commander Rod Ashlin said they'd made two earlier attempts, but been thwarted by surfers catching waves in the mouth of the river, before the successful rescue.

Mr Ashlin said the sailor was one of their associate members.


A TANDEM trimaran sailing kayak has nearly been wiped out crossing the Mooloolaba bar.

Coast Guard Mooloolaba crews rushed to the aide of the vessel, after it struck trouble trying to navigate the treacherous Mooloolah River mouth bar crossing in 2.5m-3m swells.

The Hobie Tandem Adventure Island craft went within inches of being wiped out by a massive wave as the Coast Guard crews towed it to safety yesterday.

Coast Guard Mooloolaba senior skipper Rod Ashlin said it was the latest in a number of newsworthy assists they'd made recently.

The massive swells were set to stick around through this week, meaning the crew could be kept busy.

Stay tuned for a video of yesterday's dramatic rescue.