Annie Liston outside Murweh Shire Council
Annie Liston outside Murweh Shire Council

Impending medical shortage in outback raises COVID-19 alert

MEDICAL supplies are dwindling in the Murweh Shire, as the local council upgrades its emergency response level to 'alert'.

The shire has told visitors to stay away - not just to be in line with state and federal policies, but to stop Charleville from running out of medicine.

"Our health facilities have not been designed to cope with any major contagion and it is our concern that any further pressure on these resources will render treatment difficult," a joint statement from mayor Annie Liston and acting CEO Ken Timms read.

"There is a restricted Dental service operating from Charleville, but Chemists are currently experiencing shortages and may not be able to guarantee supplies should they be needed."

Because the local council does not operate any accommodation around the shire, they cannot close them to tourists.

However, it has closed the council-run tourist attractions and is advising visitors to postpone their trip.

"Council has now closed most of its facilities until further notice. These include the swimming pool, Cosmos Centre, planetarium, libraries, the visitor information centre, and the art gallery," the statement read.

"The RSL club, bowls club, and local pubs are closed for dining and drinking.

"Council does not own or operate any caravan parks or accommodation facilities, these are

operated by private enterprise; at this stage the majority are still open.

"If the situation or advice from Government changes significantly, Council will look at enforcing bans on any camping on its town commons or reserves.

"These are difficult times for us and for our local businesses, but for the time being we feel we will not have the facilities or amenities available to make your stay as enjoyable as it should be.

"Our advice is therefore to simply delay any travel plans to the Shire until given COVID-19 clearance by the Federal and Queensland Government."