Lake Wivenhoe drone photos. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Lake Wivenhoe drone photos. Picture: Cordell Richardson

Impacts of pipeline to be explored in feasibility study

THE impacts a pipeline proposed to deliver water from Wivenhoe to Warwick would have on the SEQ water grid and local water supply will form part of a $1 million feasibility study.

The potential pipeline would link Warwick to water from Wivenhoe Dam via Toowoomba.

Acting Natural Resources Minister Mark Ryan said the SEQ water grid is a network involving 40 dams and water storages and more than 600km of pipeline from the Gold Coast to Noosa and west to Wivenhoe Dam.

"The foresight of previous Labor Governments in creating the grid means SEQ - including Ipswich - has one of the most reliable water supplies in the nation," he said.

"Ongoing water security will be factored into the feasibility study.

"With combined dam storages at 56.3 per cent, and the prolonged drought, Ipswich residents can help the region's water security by being waterwise."

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk inspected progress in Warwick earlier this week where experts have nominated a likely route using existing road and rail corridors.

"By using existing publicly owned land, there will be very little if any land acquisitions required thus streamlining the project," she said.

Warwick's Leslie Dam is down to less than 4.6 per cent capacity and, without further inflows, it is estimated that Leslie Dam will reach its minimum operating volume in late 2020. Stanthorpe's Storm King Dam is down to 9.6 per cent (197ML).

The State Government is providing $800,000 a month to truck water into Stanthorpe.