Robin Wright, who lives at Finch Hatton Gorge, is stranded due to flooding.
Robin Wright, who lives at Finch Hatton Gorge, is stranded due to flooding. Emma Murray

'I'm down to my last kangaroo rissoles'

ROO rissoles, rice and rain readings - floods can't wash away the Aussie spirit at Finch Hatton Gorge.

Residents of the rainforest community west of Mackay have been cut off due to flooding for the past five days, with more than 400mm of rain recorded since Monday by Warren 'Wazza' Swadling at Platypus Bush Camp.

Robin Wright, from Ulysses Garden Cafe, said the creek had been steadily rising behind his property and he was starting to run out of food.

"I'm down to my last three kangaroo rissoles," Mr Wright said.

"But I think I have some rice here somewhere."

Mr Wright said all tourists had left the area and he was totally cut off.

"I can't even get to my neighbours at the Finch Hatton Gorge Cabins 100m up the road because their creek is over too," he said.

"I'm on my own out here. There are no tourists and some have even left their cars behind.

"The creek out the back is well above what it usually is.

"I considered calling the SES the other day because I'm starting to get some leaks in the roof of the residence but I figured they wouldn't be able to get out here anyway."

It's a similar story down the road at Platypus Bush Camp - but Wazza said he was well prepared.

"We have a beer, rum and a bit of tucker left," Wazza said as the creek roared in the background.

"I have been here nearly 28 years and I know what it (the weather) can do so I'm alright. I have five to six days of tucker and after that three to four kilograms of rice to eat.

"We have had more than 100mm today, 116 yesterday and on Monday I recorded 202mm before I pulled the rain gauge out because I thought it was going to get washed away."

Wazza said when the rain subsided, Gorge Road would most likely need some attention from Mackay Regional Council.

"There will be a lot of unforeseen damage in the river beds and the roads," he said.

"The road is atrocious, it needs concreting. There will be no road left after this lot of rain," he said.