Zane Ashley Thorne leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to assaulting his girlfriend’s father.
Zane Ashley Thorne leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to assaulting his girlfriend’s father.

‘I’m bringing Zane back’: Daughter eggs on boyfriend in bashing

URGED on by his angry girlfriend, a man bashed his partner's father in a series of violent blows in front of shocked neighbours.

Zane Thorne went before Ipswich Magistrates Court for sentence this week, saying he regretted his actions.

Zane Ashley Thorne, 34, from Leichhardt, pleaded guilty to committing assaults causing bodily harm in Eastern Heights on May 3; and failing to appear at court.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Dan Swanson said Thorne assaulted a 62-year-old man, who is the father of his girlfriend.

He said police received multiple calls from neighbours about a disturbance and when officers arrived at Eastern Heights at 8.40pm the victim was seen with dried blood from a facial wound.

The injured man, 62, told police he'd been home at 6.30pm when his daughter arrived yelling and screaming.

She had shaped up to him but he told her not to hit him.

The daughter left saying: "I'm bringing Zane back".

Snr Const. Swanson said she came back screaming and her father picked up a broom.

Neighbours who heard the noise were outside watching.

"He said that he saw Zane standing in the front yard staring at him. And could hear his daughter saying come on Zane hit him," Snr Const. Swanson said.

Thorne then ran at the man and began hitting him repeatedly, splitting open the right side of his face.

Thorne continued hitting the man who fell to his knees, putting his hands over his face to try and block the punches.

Thorne continued to strike him on the head.

A neighbour ran over and pulled Thorne away.

Snr Const. Swanson said the man's daughter then began verbally abusing the neighbours.

"The man is 62 so quite old and he did nothing to provoke the assault apart from getting the broom to try and defend himself," Snr Const. Swanson said.

"He says he does not know why he was assaulted. He thought his relationship with his daughter had been good."

Thorne told the court he agreed with the police facts and had "nothing to say".

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said the man was at home sitting on his veranda where he was entitled to feel safe.

"Are you still involved with Rhianna," Ms Sturgess queried.

"No," Thorne said.

"Why did you get yourself involved," Ms Sturgess said.

"I really don't know, a stupid decision," Thorne said.

Ms Sturgess said it was serious, she had seen photos of the injuries and such violence can carry jail penalties.

"The community is quite concerned by that type of conduct," she said.

"You were egged on by his daughter telling you to hit him.

"You are 34 and unfortunately did not behave like a sensible adult. There is absolutely no reason to behave the way you did. It is very stupid."

Thorne was convicted and sentenced to a four-month jail term, immediately suspended for 18 months.

He was also fined $350 for failing to appear at court.