ILLEGAL DUMPING: Needles were found at the sporting grounds at Laidley.
ILLEGAL DUMPING: Needles were found at the sporting grounds at Laidley. Paul Braven GLA160617NEEDLE

Dumped syringes found at junior sports club

INQUIRIES into illegally dumped syringes are continuing in Laidley after drug utensils and alcohol swabs were found by a Laidley Lions Junior Rugby League club member.

The drug utensils were found on February 12 at the sporting and recreational facility.

Laidley Police Station officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Regan Draheim said if the owners of the syringes were found, they would be prosecuted.

"The incorrect disposal of syringes is an offence," Sen-Sgt Draheim said.

"There are strict guidelines for disposal, whether they be for medical use or illegal drug use."

Users are required by law to dispose of sharps safely to reduce the health risks to waste collectors, landfill workers and the general community.

Sen-Sgt Draheim urged users to dispose of syringes properly for the sake of others.

"It's disappointing to see people dispose the needles in a way that could potentially harm other people in the community," he said.

Needles can be legally disposed in an Australian standard yellow sharps container, which is available for purchase at most pharmacies. Alternatively, a strong container made from thick plastic which cannot be pierced can be used.

Sen-Sgt Draheim said community members should contact the council or emergency services if they saw syringes on the ground.

"Do not touch syringes if you see them, unless you can pick them up with protection equipment," Sen-Sgt Draheim said.

Those caught disposing of syringes incorrectly risk being charged and ordered to face a magistrate.

Laidley Lions Junior Rugby League organisers voiced their disgust at the find on Facebook.

"To the people who decided it was a good idea to leave needles and alcohol wipes ripped open in front of where children play football, the police have been notified.

"Do the decent thing and do your (injecting) at home."

Parents, community members and police echoed the club members' disappointment.

Police inquiries into the matter are continuing.