Maryborough Courthouse. Photo: Valerie Horton/ Fraser Coast Chronicle.
Maryborough Courthouse. Photo: Valerie Horton/ Fraser Coast Chronicle.

”I’ll put a bullet in you”: Man beaten in home invasion

A COUPLE who answered a loud knock on their door in Maryborough were warned they would be shot if they didn't hand money over.

The violent home invasion was before Maryborough District Court this week.

Kevin Robert Moore, 27, pleaded guilty to burglary in the night, threatening violence in the night and armed robbery with personal violence, along with weapons and drug offences.

According to court documents, a Maryborough couple answered the knock at their door on June 7 this year.

Moore pushed his way in and produced a replica pistol.

According to court documents, Moore was known to the couple, but they had stopped speaking after a falling out.

The couple tried to hide in the bedroom, but Moore followed them, demanding to know where their money was, then hit the man several times in the head with the butt of the replica pistol.

He cocked the gun in front of the man and threatened: "give me the money now or I will put a bullet in you"," the documents read

The man gave Moore $5000 out of a small box.

After the attack, Moore left the home.

According to court documents, the man got a knife and went to Moore's home on Walker St.

Moore was still armed with the replica pistol and told the man, "remember don't go to the police or I will be back for you".

The man was left with lacerations to his scalp and left ear that required stitches.

The couple didn't make a complaint immediately because they were fearful of Moore, according to court documents.

They went to police on June 18.

Police executed a raid on Moore's property, locating the replica pistol in a car as well as a switchblade knife and an amount of cannabis.

Moore was given a head sentence of four and a half years in prison, with a parole release date of June 24 next year.