Ipswich Courthouse.
Ipswich Courthouse.

‘I’ll kill him’ angry uncle’s outburst in court

A VOLATILE man refused bail by a magistrate yelled from the dock that he would kill the "dog" accused of murdering his niece if he was kept behind bars.

He yelled he would be back in court charged with murder.

Jarrod Benjamin Stephan, 49, from Riverview, got angry when magistrate Kurt Fowler refused a bail application after his arrest on charges of possession of drug utensils, using a carriage service to menace or harass, and contravening an order about accessing information stored electronically.

"You put me in there (jail) to kill the dog who murdered my niece," he yelled.

"I'll be back for murder you f---ing dogs. I'll be back for murder you dogs. Youse maggots."

With Stephan's yells and a few loud bangs echoing back into the courtroom after his removal by police, Mr Fowler told Legal Aid lawyer Allana Davie that she may want to speak to Stephan in the watch-house when he cooled down.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said police opposed bail saying Stephan's criminal history went back almost 40 years and he was on bail at the time of his offending.

He was in the Ipswich court only days before on charges including threatening violence by words or conduct, the court heard.

Sergeant Dick said Stephan was a risk in failing to appear or committing further offences.

Seated in the dock Stephan interjected saying loudly - "if you put me in there I'll kill him".

Ms Davie said his relative was recently allegedly murdered and Stephan was to go to Cherbourg Wednesday afternoon for her funeral.

Mr Fowler found Stephan failed to show cause as to why he should be granted bail.

Stephan was formally refused bail - his case adjourned to January 17.

Stephan then made his angry verbal outbursts that if put in jail with the accused man he would be back charged for murder.