A magistrate has given a serial offender 'one more chance'.
A magistrate has given a serial offender 'one more chance'.

'I'll give you one more chance': No jail time for 13 charges

A KINGAROY woman facing 13 charges has had her prison sentences suspended after the magistrate told her she'd get "one more chance".

Brianna Marie Karla faced 13 charges including one charge of entering a premises to commit an indictable offence, one charge of unlawful use of a vehicle, two charges of possessing tainted property, one breach of bail, one charge of possessing a knife, two charges of possessing dangerous drugs, one charge of possessing a syringe, two charges of possession of things used in respect of drug offences, one charge of trespassing, and one charge of breaching a community service order.

On November 14, police alleged Karla entered a room at the Burke and Wills Motor Inn in the company of others, took a set of keys and was an occupant inside a Mitsubishi Triton which was unlawfully used.

On October 17, police alleged Karla stole a red Aprilla motorbike from Aldi, plus two helmets.

She was later located with the motorbike, a point of meth, syringe, needles and scales.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said Karla had been the only female prisoner in the Kingaroy watch house for the past five days.

"She's spent most of that time in her own single cell and she's only had a small amount of time in the exercise yard due to multiple male prisoners being at the watch house," he said.

Sgt Gangemi suggested terms of imprisonment which could be wholly suspended, considering time already served in pre-sentence custody.

Defence lawyer Chris Campbell said Karla, who is 22-years-old, had a traumatic upbringing.

"She will be nodding her head that she has a drug problem, she accepts that," he said.

"She has basically been injecting meth for the past three years, and she started using the drug about nine years ago.

"She has had quite a traumatic and difficult upbringing, having been sexually abused from a young age until a couple of years ago.

"She has no relationship whatsoever with her father, and a very, as expected, fractured relationship with her mother.

"Adding to that mix, she's only completed Year 7."

Mr Campbell said his client had experience a taste of being incarcerated after spending five days in custody.

"I think she fully understands the gravity that her next step from here is Brisbane Women's if she doesn't try to get her life back on track," he said.

"If she doesn't do something about her drug problem and her lifestyle I suspect on the next occasion, your honour, she will receive exactly what the court is thinking today, a term of actual imprisonment.

"If she comes back to court, especially if she's associating with those people who are stealing vehicles and taking drugs, I think it would be very difficult for me to convince you not to get her to serve all of that, given her history.

"Unfortunately no one can assist her with getting that help unless she truly wants that help herself," he said.

Magistrate Louisa Pink warned Karla that she has had plenty of opportunities in the past.

"The conduct you're involved in, you seem to not particularly realise that you're just going down a path where you're getting involved in more and more serious offending," she said.

"You're going to go to jail, is that what you want? Because at 22, that's looking to me like your future."

The magistrate told Karla she had a significant drug problem.

"In a very short space of time you've managed to rack up a lengthy criminal history. Especially this year, you've got a full page of entries," Ms Pink said.

"I'm going to give you one more chance, and it will involve a probation order."

The six month probation order was for possessing stolen property, breaching bail, possessing a knife, and possession of things used in respect of drug offences.

For entering a premises and committing an indictable offence and unlawful use of a motor vehicle, Karla was sentenced to three months' imprisonment.

For possession of tainted property and two charges of possessing dangerous drugs, she was sentenced to two months' imprisonment.

The terms of imprisonment were suspended immediately for 12 months.

"That might seem to you to be having little consequence, but what that means is if you're back before me in the next 12 months, then the court must order you to serve the full three months."

For breaching community service, Karla was fined $300. For the wilful damage by graffiti for which she was due to perform community service, she was re-sentenced to 14 days' imprisonment, also suspended.

For the remaining charges, she was convicted and not further punished.